CAR LOAN | TITLE LOAN ($2500-$9500)

There's nothing more exciting than the look, feel, smell and shine of a brand new car. No matter if it's your first purchase or your tenth, there is something empowering about driving off the lot knowing you're the first owner of that car .

Every day, Santander Consumer USA helps thousands of consumers drive their new car home. We offer financing across the credit spectrum through nearly 14,000 dealers nationwide, or online through our RoadLoans program. When it comes time to talk financing, ask your dealer to work with Santander, or apply for Santander financing online.

Getting started with your new car loan

Before you drive off in your new car, be sure to also ask your dealer about our additional products that can help preserve your purchase - such as our S-Guard™ vehicle service contract. You get added peace of mind that you have coverage for most auto repairs and the convenience of rolling the cost into your car loan and regular monthly payment.

Since 1997, Santander Consumer USA has provided for financing for new and used vehicles. We look forward to helping you buy your next car